Over the years, the ACS family has fostered a sturdy foundation by ensuring that the education it provides rests on the pillars of the Methodist Church.

The ACS Foundation was set up to retain the quality of this well-rounded, God-centred education that has been built throughout the years.


Our mission is to preserve the strong ACS tradition of loyalty and service by promoting and facilitating the ACS Family’s goals of educational, spiritual and social responsibility, and making a positive difference to the community.

We hope to inspire “every ACSian to be a beacon of truth and light to society in thought and deed”.


The ACS Foundation aims to centralize the philanthropic efforts of the ACS family. By consolidating our efforts, we believe we can better continue our heritage and tradition of the ACS spirit. 

Gifts received by the Foundation will be used to strengthen the ONE ACS spirit through combined educational and community initiatives of the ACS family, bursaries to current students in need and support of the ACS schools.



The ACS Foundation (“ACSF”) was established by the ACS Board of Governors on Founder’s Day 2011, celebrating 125 years of God’s grace on our schools, and in recognition that ACS should be part of something larger in the community. The spirit of service and giving is very much a part of the ACS heritage and through our participation in the ACSF, we can look forward to that tradition enduring in a meaningful manner.

ACSF serves as a platform that leverages on the best of our ACS network and binds our students, parents, staff and alumni together in a collaborative effort to give back to the ACS family and wider society. The theme verse from Galatians 5:13 that the ACS family chose for our 130th anniversary says: “Serve one another humbly in love”. The ACSF aims to enable the ACS family to do just that.


There are three Members of the Company: namely the Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore, the Chairman of the ACS Board of Governors (BOG) and the President of the Singapore ACS Old Boys’ Association (OBA), who preside over the Board of Directors (“BOD”). Six of the current directors represent each of the 3 bodies that the Members lead, while the rest are selected from the community. The management of the Company is entrusted to the BOD and all directors serve on an unpaid, voluntary basis. They are wholly independent from the paid executive management who perform the day-to-day operations of the Foundation.

As a company limited by guarantee, the ACSF is subject to a similar set of legal, accounting and bookkeeping requirements as a private company limited by shares.


The ACS Foundation is a public company limited by guarantee and is a Singapore-registered charity with IRAS-approved Qualified Grantmaker status.


Two separate funds have been created: the Institute of Public Character (“IPC”) Fund and the Endowment Fund.

By doing so, we are able to fund the schools and ACS family’s needs in the short and medium term, as we build up an endowment fund for the longer term, so that it secures the sustainability of ACSF and the programs and initiatives of the schools that the Foundation supports.


The first Anglo-Chinese School was established 1st March 1886 with just 13 students at Amoy Street by Bishop William F Oldham to teach the children of Chinese businessmen in Singapore. The school was so named because it held lessons in English the morning and Chinese in the afternoon. Since then, it became widely known simply as “ACS” and over the years, ACS has grown to meet the demands for its unique education continued to be an institution of good reputation.

The ACS Board of Governors has taken the helm to lead and guide ACS to what it is today since it was set up in 1955. Today, the ACS Family nurtures more than 10,000 young ACSians in 7 campuses in Singapore and Jakarta whose hearts, hopes and aims are one. The Anglo-Chinese School Old Boys’ Association (ACSOBA in short) was formed 10th July 1914. The alumni, or “Old Boys”, continue to have close ties with the schools through this association through the years up till today. In 2006, the 6 Singapore ACS schools and the ACSOBA were united under “ONE ACS” strengthening the unity and emphasizing the importance of working together for a common vision and purpose. 

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