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We’ll stand together
For the cause
Of ACS forever
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We’ll stand together
For the cause
Of ACS forever
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We’ll stand together
For the cause
Of ACS forever
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We’ll stand together
For the cause
Of ACS forever
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A Message from ACSF’s Chairman

Dear Friends and Family of ACS,

As our ACS schools are not fully funded by the government, they have had a long tradition of raising private funds to ensure that future generations of ACSians can enjoy an enhanced education and experience in their school years. ACSF complements the fundraising efforts of the individual ACS schools which generally focus on infrastructure and project-specific needs while the ACSF looks at programs for both the ACS family and the community in which we operate.

As the next 100 years of the ACS story is written, we foresee that the schools’ needs are likely to change over time as we strive to continue to deliver a well-rounded education in an increasingly complex and competitive world. To ensure the ACSF remains relevant and responsive to the needs of the schools and community at large, these non-infrastructural funding programmes will be reviewed regularly, updated, and approved by our Board.

We hope that you will join us in preserving the ACS values and our tradition of a well-rounded, Christian-based education for generations to come through your giving. Your gift will significantly impact the growth, nurturing and development of our students as they prepare for life to serve society and nation, and support the community.

We are grateful and thankful of the generous support of people and organisations like you, because together, we get to help educate students and train the educators, as we prepare them to become tomorrow’s leaders.

Cheo Chai Hong / Chairman Of The Board

How to Give

The Endowment Fund

Donors who do not require tax deductibility are encouraged to donate to the unrestricted Endowment Fund. One of the Foundation’s long term objective is grow it sufficiently over the long term so that, over time, it is large enough to generate the financial resources needed to ensure the sustainability of school-initiated, faculty and alumni-focused programs.


The IPC Fund

Donors who give to the IPC Fund qualify for tax deduction under the prevailing tax provisions. Donors will get to enjoy tax deductions of 2.5 times or 250 percent of the qualifying donation amount in the next tax season, i.e. for every $1 donated, $2.50 will be deducted from their assessable income.

IPC funds are restricted funds and gifts to this fund must be disbursed to an IPC within 5 years of receipt. Until the Endowment fund is well established where we will have 2 sources of funding, these shorter term funds are used for funding the ACS schools’ programs which support or enhance their education, or promote certain qualities and values in the students. The community at large may also benefit from the IPC fund via school values-in-action programs.



Published as a commemoration of ACS135 (the 135th anniversary of ACS) and launched on Teacher’s Day 2021, these books make wonderful gifts and collectibles.
Donors who contribute $10,000 or more to ‘The ACS Foundation (Endowment)’* will receive one of 135 specifically-numbered hardcover limited-edition copies of the book as a gift. Softcover copies are also available and may be acquired through the ACS Foundation, the ACSOBA e-store and all ACS schools at $20 per copy.
In addition, we have a small number of un-numbered hardcover versions as well as limited quantities of the original 2003 and 2007 editions of ‘The ACS Story’.

For more information or enquiries, please email us at or call (65)92342909.



Non-cash gifts can come in the form of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc.), real estate or other assets.
A recurring gift is an easy, automatic way to support us with a continuous and dependable source of funding. Choosing to give recurring gifts or enables you to make a more generous gift than thought possible by spreading the gifts out over a longer period of time.
You may also make a pledge, a signed and dated commitment to make a gift by paying over a period of time, allowing you to spread payments and tax benefits over a period up to 5 years. (Typically this type of donation can often allow you to make a larger commitment).
Please contact us directly via email at or call (65)92342909



Donors may make a one-time gift, a pledge of recurring contributions, or a planned gift. The easiest and most direct way for cash gifts is through or electronic funds bank transfer, local  bank cheque or PayNow.

Gifts will be directed to a general fund in the IPC or Endowment accounts unless an existing program or initiative has been stipulated


Bank wire transfers are the fastest and most secure way to send your cash gifts to ACSF. If you wish to make a gift via bank transfer, please click any “Donate Now” button or contact us at:


Enter UEN no.: 201104685REND (for Endowment Fund) or 201104685R (for IPC Fund)
OR scan the respective QR code with your bank app.

IMPORTANT: Please specify “END” or “IPC” in your description/ remarks and enter your name and contact number so that we can contact you for compulsory information to IRAS. Otherwise the giving will be recorded as anonymous.


Cheques can be payable to the “The ACS Foundation (IPC)” or “The ACS Foundation (Endowment)” accordingly. Details on how to make a gift by cheque can be found on our Gift Form page.


Your generous contributions that has made it possible for us to continue the vision and mission of ACS and to partner and support the schools, the ACSOBA, other charities and the community in carefully selected, meaningful programs.