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1. What is ACSF’s relationship with the ACS Family?

The ACS Foundation is an independent charitable organization designated by the Board of Governors to receive, manage, invest, and disburse private gifts. The ACS schools in Singapore are the primary beneficiaries of ACSF. Fundraising activities of the ACSF are separate from the schools’ fundraising.

2. Who governs the Foundation?

ACSF’s Board of Directors comprises of 13 volunteer Directors that have been given mandate by the Members of the Board, namely the Bishop of the Methodist Church in Singapore, the Chairman of the ACS Board of Governors and the President of the ACS OBA to oversee the running of ACSF.
The Board has overall responsibility for the management of the Foundation. Directors with diverse backgrounds, experience, and organizational and financial skills volunteer considerable time and effort to help the Foundation and the ACS schools grow and prosper.
The Directors are separate from the employees of the Foundation.

3. How is the Foundation funded?

ACSF is fully funded by the generosity of donors who have a relationship with the ACS family through gifts and donations, which can be in cash or in kind.
The Foundation’s operations are funded by a budget approved by the Board of Directors annually from unrestricted gifts to the Foundation i.e. the Endowment Fund, through an Administration Fund.

4. How do I make a gift?

Please click on any “Make a Gift” box. This will bring you to the Gift Form and provides you with options of where and how you can make a gift. You can also contact us through should you have any questions and we will get back to you with a call or email.

5. How is my gift spent?

When you make a gift through the Foundation to one of its funds (Endowment Fund or IPC Fund), ACSF will issue you with a receipt from the respective fund upon receipt of your gift.
Gifts and donations will be channeled to support one of the designated programs that have been approved, and the amounts for the year reviewed, by the Grants Committee and the Board of Directors. Donors may receive regular email updates about ACSF and a report annually if they wish.

6. Can I designate my gift?

You may determine the purpose and specify the area that the schools will benefit from your generosity in the “Remarks” box of our Gift Form, provided that is an area that ACSF is supporting. Upon receipt of your gift, the Foundation will send an acknowledgement that confirms your designation if it has been specified. Please contact us at should you have any questions and we will get back to you with a call or email.

7. Is there a tax benefit for my donation?

All IPC Donations of SGD$50 or more are eligible for a tax relief of 250% of the donation amount. Your IPC donations will be automatically reflected in your tax assessment when you complete the Gift Form and provide us with your Tax Reference Number (NRIC/FIN/UEN) and mailing address.