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"Not what we say about our blessings, but how we use them,
is the true measure of our thanksgiving."
- W.T. Purkiser

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"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." – John F Kennedy
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"The thankful receiver bears a plentiful harvest." – William Blake
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Join us in preserving the ACS values and our tradition of a well-rounded, Christian based education for generations to come. Your gift will significantly impact the growth, nurture and development of our students as they prepare for life to serve society and nation, and support the community.


With JOY-full Memory of Rev & Mrs. T C Nga

The passion and heartbeat of the Rev T C Nga.

We give “Joy”-full thanks for the generous donation by the estate of Rev & Mrs T C Nga! According to Rev Nga’s wishes, his daughter Joy’s share of his estate is to be channelled to charity. The donation, which the ACS Foundation received was contributed from this portion of the estate, is used to fund awards and grants at the ACS schools where Reverend and Mrs T C Nga taught. These are The Valedictorian Award (ACS Barker Road), The Oldham Award (ACS Junior) and The Student Innovation Fund (ACS Primary).

Rev & Mrs T C Nga met at Trinity Theological College and became teachers at Anglo-Chinese Continuation School. While pastoring, Rev Nga taught history, religious knowledge and Chinese Language at Anglo-Chinese Secondary School (Barker Road) until 1972 when he left to serve as a full-time pastor. Mrs Nga subsequently taught at Anglo-Chinese Primary School (Coleman Street) and Anglo-Chinese Junior School (Barker Road), then seconded to Futsing Association Poi Ching Primary School in Toa Payoh until her retirement. Overseeing the 12th Company of The Boys’ Brigade was among the ECAs that Mrs Nga was in charge of.  Joy was one of their 4 children. She taught Geography at Fairfield Methodist School for several years. In 1982, Joy was diagnosed with cancer but continued to teach whenever she could. She eventually went home to the Lord in 1984. Rev T C Nga was born in 1926 and passed on in 2019.


About Time

Mr. Cody Koh, a student of ACS Independent, conducted a fundraising project in early 2022 with the goal of helping to decrease the financial burden on students who require financial assistance. ACSF is grateful for Cody's kind and loving heart for others and applaud him for putting this project together on his own initiative.

In celebration of ACS’s 136th anniversary, he sold custom-made ACS-themed timepieces through a student-led initiative named "abouttime.136”. All profits generated through this sale was donated to the ACS Foundation in support of the financial assistance scheme, ensuring that every pupil in ACS gets a chance to receive the wholesome education our school has to offer. The best is yet to be!


In honour and loving memory of Mrs Happy Chen

"A donation was made to the ACS Foundation in honour and loving memory of Mrs Happy Chen in 2021. ‘Aunty Haps’ exemplified ACS-ian values of godliness, excellence, selfless service and loyalty. She was known for her ability to always be of assistance and for her unyielding devotion to her faith, family and friends. Mrs Happy Chen's maternal grandfather, father, husband, son, grandchildren and great grandsons are all ACSians. Her late husband, Mr Chen Jan Jee, was a former ACSOBA President (1955 - 1958). The donation will be used to set up a fund to assist for the ACS schools in areas of special needs education, training or skills development and community outreach projects. We hope that the beneficiaries of this funding share and develop Aunty Haps' human values and characteristics."

The ACS Story Continues

We are grateful for the generosity of donors who have made contributions during ACS’s celebratory 135th anniversary. Donors who contributed $10,000 or more have received one of 135 hardcover limited numbered edition of the commemorative book ‘The ACS Story Continues’ as a gift. Our sincere thanks and appreciation to all our donors opened their heart and hands with their giving.


The Integrity Award: In memory of Tan Sri (Dr) Tan Chin Tuan

We are thankful to our donor who has provided ACSF with a generous donation for the establishment of ‘The Integrity Award – In Memory of Tan Sri (Dr) Tan Chin Tuan’. Starting from 2021, the most deserving student in each of the 6 ACS schools in Singapore will be awarded a cash gift. Each student will be selected by their respective school.

The Lim Teow Lin Bursary

Our sincere gratitude for the donation that has led to the setting up of the ‘Lim Teow Lin Bursary’ for ACS Barker Road students through the ACS Foundation. Mr. Lim Teow Lin is a retired teacher who taught at ACS Barker Road and later, at ACJC. This bursary will be given to students that are in need and will be disbursed annually. The ACS Foundation


In memory of the late Mr. Lim Kee Suan

The ACS Foundation wishes to thank Mr. Lim Kay Kiat for generously arranging donations to the Foundation in memory of his late father, Mr. Lim Kee Suan, who went home to the Lord on 12 May 2020.  Donations were made between May and July. His obituary reads: “Education made him what he was and gave him what he had. ACS was his education and something he was passionate about and proud of. Our family would like to honour this.”